PFS Regional Center Consulting

EB-5 Regional Center Approval Process

PFS has the expertise to assist firms in obtaining their initial regional center designation. Whether you are in the initial planning stage or have received a Request for Evidence (RFE), we can help. Our team is skilled in business plan writing, financial modeling, and strategic planning. We will assist your legal, economic, and accounting team by providing a foundation to formulate the needed filing documents.


EB-5 Regional Center Administration

Have you received your EB-5 Regional Center approval letter, but now realize you are not sure where to go from here? We can assist you with either setting up your internal infrastructure to maintain the day-to-day running of the regional center or take on the administrative duties of your center so you can focus on your strengths regarding your specific projects.


“The Memphis EB5 Regional Center approval would not have happened without the expertise of PFS navigating us through the RFE Process and in short order - 90 days from engagement to approval ( only 36 days from actual submission!)”


Bridget Chisholm

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